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T-Shirts and Whey

Posted in Clothing by karoumy on April 30, 2013

I was in New York last year and made the usual UNIQLO run.

A friend describes UNIQLO as a Japanese version of The Gap with better clothes. Everything is super cheap and decent quality. I usually stick to the basics and gifts for family. The stores are elusive in North America. As far as I know there are only currently two in New York City.

There are UNIQLO coming to Toronto rumours.

On this trip I bought something called HEATTECH™. Fancy name. It’s supposed to keep you extra warm.

Back in Toronto I read the package and learned that it had whey protein in the ingredients. I guess if you get really cold you can eat the shirt to warm up.

Long story short I gave it away because wearing it would just remind me of my mistake. You can read more about this technology in their press release.

I think the Rza said it best on the intro to the Genius’ Labels:

That you know you gotta read the label
You gotta read the label
If you don’t read the Label you might get poisoned



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