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Panacea Eco Shop

Posted in Groceries by karoumy on November 18, 2011

Update: Panacea is closed

Panacea is was the only vegan store in Toronto.

panacea store shot

The store

They carry a wide range of products.

panacea books


panacea bars

Fuzzy Energy Bars

panacea vega

Wall of Vega

They also carry Vega’s ever expanding sports product line.

By the way, have you noticed that Vega’s sport product line has exploded? They are doing pre, during and post work out products in different states. Gels, powders and bars. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk past this display of exercise-nerd products to get to the candy bars.

panacea basket

My basket

And that’s  why I go to Panacea. They carry all the right products. There’s my pre-TV snack, my during TV snack and finally my post-TV snack.

Prepare. Sustain. Recover.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm
Closed Mondays,+Toronto,+Toronto+Division,+Ontario+M6G+1K4&gl=ca&t=m&z=14&vpsrc=0&ll=43.664852,-79.412765&output=embed
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