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Vegetable Patty at Subway

Posted in Restaurants by karoumy on November 5, 2011

Subway is trying again to do a vegetable patty. The last one they did years ago had cheese in it so the new vegan version is already an improvement.

According to Compassion Over Killing the new vegetable patty is only available at a few locations across Canada. I visited the Yonge and St. Clair Subway location eager to try the new offering. I get excited when a large food chain offers a solid vegan option that doesn’t sound ridiculously exclusionary. “I’ll have the bacon cheese burger without the bacon, cheese or burger. Oh, and does the bun have eggs in it?”

The poster

The poster

I haven’t ate at Subway in a while. It used to be a better option near my old job. I would even hack the sub with mock deli meats.

Subway vegetable patty side view

Subway vegetable patty side view, $9.58 after taxes

So how is the veggie patty? Boring.

It has a decent texture, like a typical gluten-based Chinese mock meat. If you view it as a filler and dress it up with some mustard it might taste better. I had it with the Italian dressing and that wasn’t enough.

I tried a bite of the patty alone and it wasn’t good. Maybe the top view will give you a better idea of how it tasted:

Subway vegetable patty top view

The bits  of vegetables didn’t do anything for the flavor. After trying this latest attempt, I still believe that Subway should partner with an already established mock meat company like Tofurkey. Collabo!

Also, I don’t know when Subway started putting the “meat” on top of the vegetables like that or if this was a fluke but I didn’t like it. Am I supposed to eat it upside down?

If the vegetable patty will be available at all locations it will make for a good option in those parts of the world where there aren’t many satisfying vegan options. But at almost $10 I can get better food. I would probably choose Taco Bell over the Vegetable Patty. $10 will get you a lot of food at Taco Bell.

Subway. Eat Fresh.Or have a bland microwaved vegetable patty.


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  1. Sarina @ Earthgiven said, on July 11, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    I’m happy to hear a review of the Subway vegan patty I’ve been hearing about, wondering if it was any good. Looks like the recipe and price need plenty of tweaking!

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