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Cuisine of India in Toronto

Posted in Restaurants by karoumy on September 16, 2011

UPDATE Apr. 29, 2013: They’re closed. 

UPDATE Nov. 7, 2011: I have since gone back and got really bizarre service. I’d say bad but that’s not accurate, although it was bad. Give them a shot if they’re still open, but I’m un-recommending this place. 

“You gotta check out Cuisine of India in North York.”

I’ve been hearing that for a while. So when I saw the sign on my way home one night I had to check it out.

A new Indian restaurant in the hood.

The North York Cuisine of India closed because the building was being demolished to make way for shiny condos. They reopened on Yonge street, just north of Davisville at Belsize.

This is fast Indian food with combination plates starting at $6.95. It’s about fucking time this happened. We have a few Canadian-priced Indian restaurants in the area. This has caused me pain for some time since I have had to travel far in search of Indian-priced Indian food. Well, I’ll still make occasional trips to far away places like Brampton and Scarborough (not close Scarborough, 45 mins deep into Scarborough). Cuisine of India will make staying local a badly-needed option. And they deliver.

While Cuisine of India is not vegetarian, they do have a decent amount of vegan options. Here’s what I got on my first visit:

Fenugreek leaves mush, Chickpea curry, Basmati rice and salad. $8.99

For the descriptive foodie types (the rest of you are probably not reading anyways): the Fenugreek leaves curry had a smokey flavour reminiscent of campfire marshmallows steeped in curry. The chickpeas were well-seasoned with a slight donkey kick to the mouth. Who am I kidding I can’t describe it. It tasted good and it was cheap. What else do you need to know? Go there.

They have a giant peacock on the wall too.

Pretty bird, she’s going to think you took her somewhere fancy.

Cuisine of India
1992 Yonge Street
Toronto ON
M4S 1Z7

Open 7 days a week 11am-9pm

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