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Mother’s Dumplings in Toronto

Posted in Restaurants by karoumy on June 26, 2011
mother's dumplings kitchen

Making dumplings in the kitchen.

Once in a while, Toronto still surprises me. There’s always an old place that I haven’t discovered yet, or something I’ve overlooked. As soon as we walked in I realised that I was really late to the party. The restaurant was packed. I found Mother’s Dumpling while searching for a Toronto version of Sha Lin in Vancouver.

Mother’s Dumpings makes hand-pulled noodles and fresh dumplings. The style of cooking is from North Eastern China where the food is more hearty and the flavours are different than the usual Cantonese or Schezuan style restaurants. They have clearly-marked vegetarian options. You have to ask to remove the eggs from a few dishes to make them vegan. The staff was very helpful and we had no problems ordering.

Green onion pancake

Green onion pancake. $3.99

Steamed melon, tofu, vegetable and noodle dumpling made with corn. $6.89 flour.

solo dumpling

Solo dumpling.

Dalu Noodles

Da lu noodles vegetarian option with mushrooms, tofu and cilantro, minus eggs. $7.79

Now that I know I will be visiting this restaurant often. Oh ya, check out the cheque.

mother's dumplings cheque

And the price means I will be eating here often.

Mother’s Dumplings
421 Spadina Ave
Hours: 11 am-10 pm or so

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