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Smoked Tofu: Gluten Free Vegan Lunch Meat

Posted in Groceries by karoumy on May 26, 2011

I’ve been searching for a good gluten free alternative to vegan lunch meats. I recently had enchiladas with smoked tofu  at The Branch in Kemptville, ON. I remember trying a smoked tofu a long time ago and I didn’t like it. The enchiladas at The Branch convinced me to give it another try. So when I saw Soyganic’s Smoked Tofu at the grocery store I decided to try it.

At $2.49 a package it’s a pretty good value.

I decided to try it cut up over brown rice with miso tahini dressing and some sauerkraut. If it wasn’t for wanting a quick lunch I would probably add some colour to this meal with some shredded carrot or some kind of steamed greens.

The tofu has a real smokey flavour and the texture is firm. If you’re looking for a quick gluten free tofu to add to your sandwiches or meals instead of faux meats I would recommend Smoked Tofu.


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