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Review: Forks over Knives

Posted in Thoughts by karoumy on May 23, 2011

Forks Over Knives Movie PosterForks over knives is a decent documentary. Especially for people who haven’t been following the work of Doctors Esselstyn, Campbell and McDougall. It does a good job of explaining mostly health reasons for eating a plant-based diet.

That’s right a plant based diet. The new term to describe what seems to be a vegan diet. Even though the documentary spends time with Gene Baur, founder of the Farm Sanctuary, it is Mac Danzig who uses the word vegan twice in the documentary. And as far as I can remember the only person to use the word in the entire movie.

I’m curious why he is the only one who uses that term.

Maybe since these doctors are approaching the diet from a medical angle then it does not fit to use the term vegan, which also includes ethical and environmental reasons. Although I have definetly heard Dr. McDougall use it.

It’s true that vegans in general do not like it when someone is vegan solely for health reasons and doesn’t take greater care to avoid animal-based products as part of their general consumption.

So maybe it’s better that the movie doesn’t use the word vegan. But the movie does cover environmental and ethical issues around eating meat.

Above confusion aside, it’s a good watch.

I sincerely hope this documentary helps people.


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